18 April 2019 – PNW Migration Update

Well it’s on!

Many reports of FOY returns.  Wilson’s Warbler, Swainson Hawk, Cassins Vireo, and Black-headed Grosbeak to name a few.

But the highlight today is the radar loop — which speaks for itself.


The National Composite Radar shows the effects of weather systems.  Note the Pacific Flyway – it’s rocking!


01 April 2019 – PNW Migration Update

Widespread with heavy patches of movement last night.  Some weather came in from the south late in the cycle.

New arrivals are being reported along the Pacific Flyway.  In the metro area: Black-throated Gray Warbler, all Swallows except Bank, more Osprey, Western Tanager and Common Yellowthroat.

South: Western Kingbird, and Wilson’s Warblers are on their way.


27 March 2019 – PNW Migration Update

PNW: Still pretty light migration with a couple of pockets along the coast in northern Tillamook and southern Clatsop counties.

Purple Martins are being reported along the southern coast,

National: some weather shut down the Atlantic Flyway but the Mississippi and Central Flyways were very active.


31 July 2018 – PNW Migration Update

So, i’m walking into work this morning (4:00 AM) and i hear a call note.  I stop and listen for a while and sure enough, there are Swainson Thrush moving through. I’ll have to check my records, but this seems a bit early to me.

So, i checked out the radar, and yes, migration is on.  Not heavy, but there is movement afoot.  I’ve seen reports of shorebird movement, but i really don’t follow the listservs this time of year, just graze them, mainly for authors.


Base Reflectivity – RTX

Admin Note: WordPress has changed it’s interface and it may take me some time to figure it out.  I prefer the gallery view for the looped radar .gifs but i haven’t figured that out yet.  Oh well, at least it is displayed – i think.